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NEW Professional Cutting In Brush 2.5"

£8.10 Per Pack Size of 1

Volume discounts available.

2.5" Angled cutting in brush - built for precision and speed.

Synthetic filament, with each strand tipped and flagged to make clean crisp lines an effortless task.

Solid beech handle with laser engraved texture which allows for better grip and more manoeuvrability in tight confined spaces.

The angled stainless-steel ferrule synthetic filament and beech handle are manufactured to last, a brush that is easy to clean and re-use time and time again.

Best performance and finish seen when used with modern water based paints (emulsions, silks, eggshells, satins, glosses etc).

Individually Boxed, and great value at £8.10 each

Commodity - 96034010, Country of Origin - China

NEW Professional Cutting In Brush 2.5"
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Pack Qty: 1
Price per Unit: £8.10

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