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Pack of 10 x 3 Mini Brass Brushes

£52.80 Per Pack Size of 10

Volume discounts available.

Designed in the UK, the COTTAM range of wire brushes has been tailor made for both professionals and DIYers alike.


Developed using the best materials, each product has clearly defined usage icons and product information to enable users to be confident in the brush they choose.


Brass is a soft pliable material which makes this type of brush particularly suited to jobs where marking, damage or sparks need to be avoided.


Suitable for hazardous environments. Will not spark when struck against metal. Ideal for cleaning electrodes on spark plugs, battery terminals, engine parts and paint removal.

 Price per unit £5.28

Commodity - 96039099, Country of Origin - China



Pack of 10 x 3 Mini Brass Brushes
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Handle: Wooden
Pack Qty: 10
Price Per Unit: £5.28
Range: Cottam

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