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Pack of 6 x 12" Synthetic Yard Broom

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Price per unit £6.38

Introducing the new Rapid Lock System:


- no tools required (reducing the risk of injury)

- easy and quick to assemble (connect, twist and lock in 12 seconds)

- easier to transport and store using less space (one box of heads, one pack of handles)

- removes the risk of breakages (saving costs and repeated handling time of orders)


Black PVC is hardwearing, has excellent sweeping performance and is ideal for both dry and wet conditions.

Commodity - 96031000, Country of Origin - Sri Lanka


PLEASE NOTE. Handles need to be bought separately, which is BHA00002 of BHA00003 for this head size.

Pack of 6 x 12" Synthetic Yard Broom
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Handle: BHA00002 or BHA00003
Material: Black PVC
Pack Qty: 6
Price per Unit: £6.38
Range: Cottam
Size: 300mm (12")
System: Rapid Lock

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