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Chemisphere UK - Plastic Measuring Jugs

Chemisphere UK Ltd pride themselves as a high quality, reliable supplier of a range of goods & services to the beverage dispensing industry & manufacturers of their product lines must meet these high standards of service at all times.

Here at Cottam, we were ready to meet this challenge. Our experienced sourcing team were able to locate tooling manufacturers and component supply partners internationally to select the very best available.

With the client as our focus, we ensured Chemisphere UK were kept up-to-date with progress at all times, from images of the components in production to supply of samples for assessment.

In conclusion, Chemisphere UK have now secured a reliable supply of this unique product with significant cost savings.

“We are very happy with the professionalism and cooperation of Cottam during the product development process and we are delighted to have welcomed another effective and high quality item into our product range”.

Wilf Worsley, Chemisphere UK, Operations Director


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