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Volvo - Extended Squeegee & Carry Bag

Volvo, the Swedish multinational manufacturer, approached us with an enquiry for a telescopic squeegee to compliment the range of accessories for their Volvo Trucks division.

Through our newly established Supply Chain division and drawing on our experience as a supplier of products to the cleaning sector, we were able to work closely with Volvo to develop a product which delivered above their initial requirements and crucially conformed to storage limitations.

This included a breathable Volvo branded drawstring carry bag which allowed the squeegee to be stored safely and maximise product life.

The key quality points were designing a product which met the storage limitations and compliance with automotive standards across all materials and construction methods.

Cottam collaborated with Volvo personnel across Europe and co-ordinated with several suppliers throughout the development process. This included design, initial specifications, supplier selection, factory audits and sampling ensuring that the client was fully informed each step of the way.


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