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What's in a name?


The nation is awash with speculation over the name of the eagerly anticipated royal baby.  But its not just childrens names that cause great interest.

Here at Brush HQ we’re often struck by the interesting and frankly bizarre names that are used for our products.  Take a painters striker brush for instance.    

We refer to it simply as a striker, however we’ve also heard it called a “funny tool”, “manhelp” and “podger”. 

So where did these terms come from and do they, perhaps, give a more accurate description of the product?

Manhelp traditionally refers to an extendable handle to which a painting tool can be attached – particularly useful for getting into difficult to reach areas.  Tick in the box for that one, the humble striker features a pure bristle circular paintbrush head attached at an angle to a long handle – ideal for applying coatings in difficult to reach areas.

Podger is more commonly referred to in reference to tools such as spanners.  From what we can gather the “podger” part is the extension of the standard handle.  Again a tick in the box for our striker brush.  Standard handles are 600mm long with the brush head angled at 45°, but we’ve been known to produce them on handles as long as 5ft for very specific applications.

Even we are scratching our heads with the term “funny tool”.  Try googling it and you’ll come up with all manner of results (and might want to close your browser rather quickly!).  We’d like to think that once up on a time the conversation took place where  someone picked up a striker and said “that’s a funny tool” and the name kind of stuck.  We’d have to agree – they do look strange, but they do the job.  Our strikers are used to paint pylons, bridges, tight spaces in construction and ships to name but a few.   

Whatever you choose to call it the striker is possibly one of the surprise stars of the brush world!

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